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A book about Allegiance . Devastation . Morality and Isolation.

Depictions: Poems about warriors and war

For the first time, close quarters battle expert Chuck Habermehl, author of Combat Proven Tactics: Small Unit Urban Warfare; The Art of High Risk Entry and Police Combatives: Violent Encounter Resolution, delves into poetic writing about the warrior – the content of which is not for the weak at heart.

In Depictions: Poems about warriors and war, Habermehl puts the reader right there you see the tactical and violent reality of war and the grievous effects on the warrior. Battles from the Civil War to modern war are detailed, as are the segregation of the American Indian, the devastation of the wounded warrior and the travesty of the missing soldier.  As expected from a tactician, Habermehl's style is blunt and unceremonious, as seen in the poem Victory released on YouTube.

The visual elements created from his writing, together with illustrations, reminds the reader that the price of freedom is tremendous and the ravages of war everlasting. Depictions has over 30 poems and is 78 pages. Net proceeds from the sales of the book go to help American wounded warriors and their families. Dreams video released for Veterans Day 2012.

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